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1. Code

You only need your design ready in Figma, Sketch or Adobe Xd.

We will send you a zip file by email or we will share you the repository on Github.

Yes, we also do vue.js (web), flutter (mobile), node.js (backend) and python (backend). If you need one of those languages, please write to us at

If you also need backend development, you can write to us at We will give you an estimate for your project, depends of the features you want.

You can communicate with your project manager by mail, he is the bridge between you and our team.

2. Design

The maximum length is 4290 px. If your design is longer, we will charge extra for it.

Yes, we have 2 UI/UX designers in the team. If you need us to create the design of your project, you can write to us at

Yes but we charge it.

3. Testing

We will give you a temporary url which we update every 1/2 days, so you can check the progress live.

At each stage of development, we will send you an apk file, so that you can see the progress on Android. On iPhone, we can create a build through our Testflight account and invite you as an external tester.

4. Delivery

The average deadline is 3 working days per page and also 3 working days per API, we always do our best to meet this deadline. But in case of high demand, or if your design is very complex, this deadline may be exceeded. If so, our account manager will keep you posted.

All projects are different, so it's hard to give a general estimation. You can reach out to us and we'd be more than happy to give you a more precise quote. This all depends on your project complexity and the services you need to integrate.

We accept all major credit cards supported by Stripe.

No sorry we prefer to work on fixed price.

Source code

You own 100% of the source code.


We can advise you to choose the best solution and help you with the deployment.

On demand backend development

If you also need backend development, you can write to us at

Front end development for modern business

Our team will send you an update of your project at each stage of development so that you can check for yourself. We also have an expert QA to verify that your design is perfectly respected.

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