FIGMA / XD / SKETCH / FRAMER : what’s new in the design software industry in 2021

In the design software industry, there are new developments added to softwares to make them more usable, efficient, innovative and lasting. We are going to look at four of these softwares and list their new features.


January 10, 2021

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The design features here are powerful, lovely and harness a more efficient workflow.

FIGMA was created to build web innovations, and its design for the web is made simple, with features you can't find elsewhere, like:

A modern pen tool 

This design feature allows you draw in whatever direction using Vector Networks. You don't have to connect or merge with the path’s initial point. 


Bring your ideas to fruition faster through animated prototypes that look like real ones. At the prototype area, you can also get suggestions from users and experiment concepts quickly and on the regular. Simply design and prototype in sequence. 

Prototyping Features

These prototyping features allow you prototype while designing, and build prototypes that makes out like the original experience. Your static design files turn to a connected experience with no need for coding.  


3D Transforms 

Adobe XD 3D transforms allows you map out styles in a new dimension. Simply rotate or move objects across planes, including the air of depth, and display your work in perspective with just a click. It enables you move past flat screen designs, produce remarkable realness in seconds, and witness the wonder of alluring dimension with the intuitive tools found directly on your canva area. 

Present fantastic realness when you layer objects backward and forward in 3D space, improve your process, and build for the next antecedents in AR/VR emprises. 


Auto-Animate allows you set your designs in motion, introduce animations, make micro-interactions, drag wired to link artboards, and establish parallax effects just through a single click. It makes UX animation and motion very easy, thereby enabling you add motion effects, visual feedback, playful interactions, and smooth transitions (code or multiple tools is not required). 

Auto-Animate features modern interactivity and movement. 



Every feature in the maCOS app has been created to make it convenient for you to produce your finest works, at every level of the process. Here are just a few of those features:

Math operators

Acquire more time with shorthand and math operators. If you need to increase the width of a layer, and have it resized to the middle, simply add “2c” to its width attribute, select enter and that's all.

Variable & OpenType fonts

Get absolutely control over the typings in your design through the Variable fonts support, and uncover alternate characters, ligatures and more with total support for OpenType features. 


Wireframing tool 

It is a free tool used for both web design and app Wireframing, available for download on Mac and Windows devices. The tool is trusted by some of the best companies, which I will name a few: frog, hulu, zoom etc. 

Wireframing tool is intuitive, transmutes your vision to fruition faster, and its UX wireframing is made convenient due to ready-made UI elements & starter kits. It allows you set layouts with grids, and automatically craft uniformly spaced sections with Stacks. 

Mockup tool

The mockup tool allows you create interactive styles for any kind of website & app mockups and then convert them into working prototypes. Business like hulu, zoom and so many more trust this tool. 

You can generate mockups for iOS, Android, Windows users and many more using real components available in the Insert Menu. There are also free elements for you to begin you design with. 

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